Competency Modeling

Competency Modeling


This workshop is intended to help Human Resource professionals define business-essential competencies and use them to create career development solutions (such as success profiles, competency assessment tools, learning solutions portfolios, hiring job aids, and career development frameworks) to help their organizations achieve business results through people. In this workshop you will learn to follow a proprietary methodology used by Productivity Dynamics over the past two decades when partnering with major corporations such as HP, Oracle, Intuit, and the U.S. Postal Service to define current and near-future competencies and career development solutions. The workshop will be facilitated by a seasoned practitioner who has served as a consultant to major corporations and the public sector organizations.


Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this workshop, you should be able to:

  • Articulate the business value of competency models as multifaceted talent-management tools
  • Conduct business analysis to define business-essential competencies for job families and roles
  • Define and configure competencies using a proprietary modeling methodology developed by Productivity Dynamics
  • Use competencies to:
    • Build assessment tools and related collateral to assess competency gaps at individual, group, and corporate levels
    • Create learning solution portfolios to help with individual development planning (IDP)
    • Build hiring job-aids for recruitment and hiring purposes

Approximately three weeks after the workshop, you will have a chance to meet and consult with the workshop facilitator and other participants in a two-hour Webinar. You and other participants will be able to ask questions, share successes and barriers to applying what you learned in the workshop, and get valuable hands-on advice for your work.


Learning Strategy:

During the workshop, through hands-on collaborative learning activities, you will explore real-world cases and learn:

  • To use the proprietary methodology developed by Productivity Dynamics for building and validating competency models and career development tools such as assessment tools, hiring job-aids, learning and development roadmaps, and career paths
  • To make effective use of tools and templates employed to implement the methodology in major corporations and organizations
  • To recognize challenges and best practices in using the methodology